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Ok, so as well as putting down random acts of kindness we've done, I think we should put down ones that have been done for us.

So, copying and pasting from my own journal:

"I often complain about the buttmonkiness of my job, and whinge about having to pick up (figuratively) after other people, etc. I don't do this at them, of course, but yeah.

I was just sitting here reading something and one of the women I work with just walked up to my desk and handed me a box of Swiss chocolates saying thank you for doing all this stuff for her (stuff that's part of my job description), and that she appreciates me.

I sat there and blinked and attempted to articulate something, do something other than sit there open-mouthed, gaping, wide eyed and blinking and finally stuttered out a 'thankyousomuch, youdidn'tneedtodothis, thankyou, ohwowthankyou...' or something like that.

It's funny, when you're touched - really touched - by someone, there's a physical feeling. We often note the physical feeling of sudden horror, sinking disappointment - it's like a cold dropping feeling, like your innards have just swooped downwards in a rush of cold water or something, it's a feeling we all know really well. I've never really...not noticed, but noticed this much how the touched feeling, it's a rising feeling from the top of yoru stomach to your chest, a swift...almost intake of breath, but not. I guess it's why we say warm and fuzzy because it *is* warm.

I have that feeling just sitting there right now, I can't seem to un-widen my eyes or take this small smile off my lips. I'm under strict instructions not to share the chocolates because I do so much for other people, I should just keep them to myself.

And dammit, now my eyes are threatning to tear.



Still unable to unwiden eyes or wipe smile off face.
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