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Random Acts of Kindness

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8/3/05 10:31 pm - jhaelan - More Antics From Mr Wallace

Take a glance at http://www.citizensrequired.com

7/4/05 01:35 pm - jhaelan - Book Crossing

Suspect this may of interest to the community: http://www.bookcrossing.com/

2/8/05 02:06 pm - jhaelan - Girls Fined For Baking Cookies

Sadly, I'm not suprised: REUTERS

2/4/05 04:03 pm - kixie - Other people do it too!


This isn't one that I've odne, this is one that someone did for me.

The other day I was waiting in a queue at Boots, quite visibly sick and shaking with this stupid cold I have. I was kind of wobbly on my feet, filling a prescription and grabbing as many Halls Soothers as my hands could carry.

The guy in front of looked at me struggling along and stepped aside and said "you go first, you need to get home and get rest".

I stared at him in stunned disbelief, smiled a lot and thanked him profusely.

Yesterday I found a cashpoint that wasn't working. Instead of letting everyone try it and walk off, I stuck a sign on it that says "broken, other one works, another around the corner".

Not a huge gesture, but I'd be grateful if people would do that to broken cashpoints.

2/4/05 03:54 pm - prety_likedrugs

Last Friday in work I went to the shop and bought all the staff a bar of chocolate with my wages. Its not great but its a start!

Anyway I'm new here I never knew this community existed!

My name is amy and if you want to know anyting about me read my userinfo page or leave me comments!


2/4/05 02:37 pm - jhaelan - Free Book?

As soon as I've grabbed the URLs out of it, anyone want a copy of 365 Random Acts Of Kindness? First come, first served; comment here or mail me your postal address at jhaelan@livejournal.com

Happy Friday :)

Edit: Mine's gone, but kixie's is up for offer. Please comment in reply to her comment if you want it

2/2/05 02:58 pm - jhaelan - Beginnings Are Very Fragile Times

Hello, just wanted to poke my head in the door and say a little about why I'm here for those of you who don't know me (though I think it's only one or two of you). First started thinking about random acts of kindness in Brisbane last May on my Big Adventure, as an offshoot of some thoughts about being human and a fascination with strangers and with paying it forward. In particular, this event triggered things:
Sitting on the riverfront in Brisbane CBD and notice a young woman sitting a few feet of me, crying. Decide there is a time and a place for being British and this isn't it; wander over and ask if everything is okay. It's not, so sit there and listen for a while, offering practical advice where I can whilst she waits for her CityCat

When she left she had stopped crying and had a few ideas to pursue. We never exchanges names, let alone numbers or email or anything like that. I suspect I may have been over-helpful, but reined it in I hope :(

12/21/04 01:05 pm - kixie - aw!

Ok, so as well as putting down random acts of kindness we've done, I think we should put down ones that have been done for us.

So, copying and pasting from my own journal:

"I often complain about the buttmonkiness of my job, and whinge about having to pick up (figuratively) after other people, etc. I don't do this at them, of course, but yeah.

I was just sitting here reading something and one of the women I work with just walked up to my desk and handed me a box of Swiss chocolates saying thank you for doing all this stuff for her (stuff that's part of my job description), and that she appreciates me.

I sat there and blinked and attempted to articulate something, do something other than sit there open-mouthed, gaping, wide eyed and blinking and finally stuttered out a 'thankyousomuch, youdidn'tneedtodothis, thankyou, ohwowthankyou...' or something like that.

It's funny, when you're touched - really touched - by someone, there's a physical feeling. We often note the physical feeling of sudden horror, sinking disappointment - it's like a cold dropping feeling, like your innards have just swooped downwards in a rush of cold water or something, it's a feeling we all know really well. I've never really...not noticed, but noticed this much how the touched feeling, it's a rising feeling from the top of yoru stomach to your chest, a swift...almost intake of breath, but not. I guess it's why we say warm and fuzzy because it *is* warm.

I have that feeling just sitting there right now, I can't seem to un-widen my eyes or take this small smile off my lips. I'm under strict instructions not to share the chocolates because I do so much for other people, I should just keep them to myself.

And dammit, now my eyes are threatning to tear.




Still unable to unwiden eyes or wipe smile off face.

12/14/04 06:03 pm - naturalbornkaos - First Attempt

OK, this one's REALLY quite a poor show.

In fact, it's more just common courtesy than a random act of kindess, but I held the door open for a stumbling old lady earlier on, despite it taking about 30 seconds out of my valuable time, and she seemed very grateful. She said "Bless you" repeatedly and I hadn't even sneezed.

From small acorns and all that though, eh?

12/14/04 04:06 pm - kixie - Hi, my name is Kixie, and...

Ok, so my random act of kindness for today appears to be giving someone my Maltesers.

Muffin and I got this free IMMENSE pack of Maltesers on Sunday and I've been carrying them in my bag since then. I don't really eat chocolate much so I gave them to some guy who is contracted out here for a few weeks.

He was really touched, and I'm not eating chocolate.

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