Jhaelan (jhaelan) wrote in karma_army,

Beginnings Are Very Fragile Times

Hello, just wanted to poke my head in the door and say a little about why I'm here for those of you who don't know me (though I think it's only one or two of you). First started thinking about random acts of kindness in Brisbane last May on my Big Adventure, as an offshoot of some thoughts about being human and a fascination with strangers and with paying it forward. In particular, this event triggered things:
Sitting on the riverfront in Brisbane CBD and notice a young woman sitting a few feet of me, crying. Decide there is a time and a place for being British and this isn't it; wander over and ask if everything is okay. It's not, so sit there and listen for a while, offering practical advice where I can whilst she waits for her CityCat

When she left she had stopped crying and had a few ideas to pursue. We never exchanges names, let alone numbers or email or anything like that. I suspect I may have been over-helpful, but reined it in I hope :(
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