Jhaelan (jhaelan) wrote in karma_army,

Free Book?

As soon as I've grabbed the URLs out of it, anyone want a copy of 365 Random Acts Of Kindness? First come, first served; comment here or mail me your postal address at jhaelan@livejournal.com

Happy Friday :)

Edit: Mine's gone, but kixie's is up for offer. Please comment in reply to her comment if you want it
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me please!
Done, let me know where to send it
Okay, I'll email at the addy you said before thanks:)
I got it ages ago...its great isnt it?
Thta's really cool! :)

Come to think of it, if anyone would like my copy, they're free to have it.
Shall amend the post in case people aren't reading comments
If it's still up for grabs, I'd be grateful for it. :)
It's still up for grabs :)

Let me dig it up and then if you send your address to my livejournal address, I'll post it.