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Other people do it too!


This isn't one that I've odne, this is one that someone did for me.

The other day I was waiting in a queue at Boots, quite visibly sick and shaking with this stupid cold I have. I was kind of wobbly on my feet, filling a prescription and grabbing as many Halls Soothers as my hands could carry.

The guy in front of looked at me struggling along and stepped aside and said "you go first, you need to get home and get rest".

I stared at him in stunned disbelief, smiled a lot and thanked him profusely.

Yesterday I found a cashpoint that wasn't working. Instead of letting everyone try it and walk off, I stuck a sign on it that says "broken, other one works, another around the corner".

Not a huge gesture, but I'd be grateful if people would do that to broken cashpoints.
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Awwwww that was nice.

Yay for random acts of kindness!
WSS. Definitely agree on the cashpoint issue
I think it's because I'd already been to two broken Barclays cashpoints, I think they were having some kind of internal problem but it just gets frustrating so I decided to let everyone know.

It's so annoying when someone uses a cashpoint and it's broken, but obviously you don't know that, and they walk off and say nothing to the queue of people behind them. Sheesh!

I'd try for one today but I'm at collapsing point. I think my RAOK today will be to end up giving some minicab driver more money than he's charging because I can no longer see the bills...
This happended to me yesterday.

I was having such a shitty day and I was at the bus stop going home from work cause I just stormed out, I was so angry I was crying a little and some random lady came up to me and gave me her bus ticket and told me to cheer up. It made me feel loads better, specialy cause I was having a shit day.

And some guy was on the train sitting opposite my sister and she was sneezing and whatnot so he went somewhere an came back with a box of lempsip powder stuff and said he hoped she got better soon! She said it was great!